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Our Board Members

The Faces of Our Organization


Shari Scott

President & Founder

Having spent almost two decades in Corporate America training leaders, Shari left in 2018 to find and follow her purpose to aid survivors of sex trafficking. Shari is a strong believer in personal development and earned her bachelor's degree in psychology in 2013. She and her wife, Terry, are personal coaches in their business and together they founded Shuniya Foundation. Shari is a published author and a public speaker who shares her triumph over trafficking and now is ready to give away what she learned in her healing journey to other women. She is a mother of two boys and has broken the cycle of many generations before her. Now she is committed to helping others do the same.


Treya Klassen

Director of Operations & Treasurer

With over three decades of building industry-leading brands, and coaching founders and CEOs to achieve next-level results, Treya Klassen has distinguished herself as a force to be reckoned with. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in leadership, communications, and building teams of experts. She is a mother, global communication course leader, and the founder and CEO of Design House Collective but more importantly, she is the leader for us all in helping people heal. She is passionate about cooking, architecture, and mentoring young entrepreneurs.


Teresa Flores

Executive Director

Teresa has always been driven to make a difference in the world. After a successful career as a statistician and analyst for a major corporation, she decided to dedicate the latter part of her life to healing survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking. In 2015, Teresa began her journey of healing from past trauma in 2021, after achieving great success in her own healing, she and her partner co-founded the Shuniya Foundation to bring forth their revolutionary practices for healing to other women in the world. Terry is also a mother of two and teaches them daily how to come from love. Her absolute favorite thing to do is swim and spend as much time with her family & friends enjoying life.


Ramleen Goggin

Director of Communications & Secretary

Ramleen is a bold stand for healing and transformation. For over two decades, she has been a spiritual leader and bishop of a non-denominational church. She is also the founder and leader of a women's retreat group, a global communication course leader teaching hundreds a new paradigm for communication, and a mother of three. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Her favorite place to be is in her garden or hiking the beautiful landscapes of Arizona. She is a perfect fit to help bring our revolutionary practices for healing to the world.

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