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End Sexual Abuse & Human Trafficking Now!

Together we can accomplish anything

Shuniya Foundation exists to have people discover they are free NOW, unleashing human potential. Our Mission is to create safe and empowering environments, bringing the most revolutionary practices for healing to the world.

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A world where people are loved, honored, cherished, and connected.

We currently offer healing services and personal self-development courses for those who have been affected by sexual abuse and trafficking. We provide a multitude of resources and actions you can take now to start making a difference immediately.

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Safe & Empowering Environments

Revolutionary practices for healing

We provide a two-year program for personal development to women that want to heal from past sexual abuse and trafficking. We offer personal coaching and trauma therapies that support the individual and their communities to come together as one. No Separation.

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Plans of action

People are honored, cherished, and connected. No separation!

Our goal over the next 3 years is to prove our revolutionary healing model so that we can make it available to other organizations to incorporate into their practices and cause a ripple effect for healing throughout the globe.

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Partner with us

We have multiple ways to contribute and get to involved

With our foundation’s vision in mind, we strive to find others interested in being a part of this cause. We invite you to reach out if you have connections, resources, or interest in working with us. Just email and we will get back to you or take a look at our get involved page for a listing of position currently needed to be filled.

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Sexual Abuse, Trafficking, and Human Slavery happen right here in the U.S. and in all our neighborhoods.

Sex Trafficked children and adults can look like anyone and don’t fit one stereotype. Exploiters have been family members, peers, romantic partners, educators, employers, community leaders, and clergy. Sometimes youth continue going to school, living at home, and participating in extracurricular activities – even while they are being trafficked or used as slaves.



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